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           As a homeschoolers myself I am always looking for free resources
                                 to help in my child’s education. Costs of educational materials can
                                 easily become overwhelming but it doesn’t always have to be that
                                 way. There is numerous educational materials provided free.

                                If you know of a website or company offering free educational
                                materials or an interesting website for homeschoolers / educators
                                and would like to add it to this site, please send me the information
                                in an email. This site is for items that are free of charge only.

                                Send me an email and let me know what you think of my site or with
                                any suggestions you have to make it better.




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Turn Family Vacations into Amazing Field Trips

Written by an expert travel consultant and homeschooling mom
No shipping - e-booklets are emailed to you


View Here



Tips for Traveling with Children

Written by an expert travel consultant and homeschooling mom
No shipping - e-booklets are emailed to you


View Here











           Lesson Plans / Curriculum/ Crafts




123 Child
Over 1450 free theme based lesson plan ideas for
preschool and kindergarten teachers. Featured spring
themes include Easter, bugs, bees and butterflies,
May Flowers, April Showers and Mother's Day. Each
theme page includes a variety of arts and crafts, games,
songs, science, math and dramatic play activities.

About Peanuts
Free educational materials and recipes about peanuts.

Arts and Crafts Projects
Over 650 Art and Craft lessons and 1550 pages of information

Art Lessons
This is a great site that has all kinds of art lessons.  Its really great.

Awesome Library
Lesson plans by grade or subject. There is a lot of
information and links on this site. There is a lot of
good lesson ideas.

Astronomy Note Book
The is a note book where kids can draw and write
about their observations.  Its a really nice note book.

Capco Science Class Challenge Kit -
CAPCO Science Class Challenge Teacher's Kit. The FREE Teacher's
Kit contains materials for the teacher and students in grades 4-9,
 including classroom activities, experiments, homework assignments
and the Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure DVD. Specific student activities include:
It's Atmospheric! Crossword Puzzle
Our Atmosphere and the Ozone
Atmosphere Poem/Rap assignment
Ozone Depletion Worksheet
Whole Body Ozone Chemistry
Mock Trial of CFCs

Craft projects for children.

Curriculum Improvement Project
This company offers unique books, supplemental
textbooks written to help student with various learning
needs.  They charge a fee for some of their books but
others are offered free online.

Cyber Book Guides
This site has cyber guides based on well known books and is divided
by grade levels.  Guides are supplementary, standards-based,
 web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of
literature. Each CyberGuide contains a student and teacher
edition, standards, a task and a process by which it may be

Dive and Discover
You will love these under the sea lesson plans that
explore the worlds oceans.  You can follow expeditions,
read daily logs, view videos, slide shows and much more. 
A really interesting site.

Donna Young
Wow! This has so many things you will spend hours here.
Mostly for elementary teachers. Forms, curriculum and projects.

Egyptian History
This site contains lots of history about the pyramids, hieroglyphics
and pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about
Egypt.  You can leek inside the Pyramids and view lots
of pictures. This is a very cool site.

Lesson plans and easy to follow project ideas

Family Education Center Printable
We've got thousands of printable activities that will keep your
children entertained and stimulated. Find printable games,
holiday activities, skill-building worksheets, and more!

Free Printables
Coloring pages, worksheets, posters, awards and much more.

Free Worksheets
This site claims to have over 7,000 worksheets. Arranged
by subject, some with answer keys. Aimed primarily at primary
school-aged students.

Fuel for the Imagination
The US department of energy, the X prize foundation, and
Discovery Education have combined to create Fuel for our
Future Now, an online knowledge center that helps K-12
students understand the science of alternative fuels and
energy efficient engineering.

First School
Free preschool and Kindergarten resources (ages 2 - 6) for
educators, home schooling, child care providers & baby-sitters.
Lesson plans, themes, printable crafts, activity worksheets,
coloring pages, holiday and events calendar.

HS Unlimited 
This is a really easy to use website that has math worksheets
with answer keys.  They also have a resource, school supply
and free classified section.

History Channel
Free History Manuals for Teachers.

Homeschool Helper Online
The Homeschool Helper Online website has collection of unit
studies, worksheets and other homeschooling helps. All of our
units and worksheets are free. This is a site dedicated to
homeschoolers who want to help each other. Sharing ideas
with each other makes planning units easier and more fun.
So, have fun viewing other's unit study ideas and share yours too!

Jan Brett’s Activity Page
This page has tons of pintable’s including coloring murals,
cross stitch patterns, recipes, bulletin board decorations,
drawing, flash cards, crafts and so much more.

JoAnn's Crafts
JoAnn Craft and several sewing machine manufacturers have come
together to create this great resource for young people interested
 in learning to sew. Common sewing questions, a guide to the public
television TV series of the same name, and free projects are just
some of the aspects of the Sew Young, Sew Fun website.

Kids Activities / projects
Fun site, pretend envelopes & checks for kids to fill out,
crafts, coloring book, stories, free coloring pages, crafts
and printable worksheets to help teach children their ABC's,
123s, shapes, scissor skills, writing skills, story sequencing
and more.

Learning Page
Free worksheets, clipart, cutouts.

Mars Educational Materials
Receive a free Earth/Mars comparison poster with a classroom
activities book.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
The aquarium has seven different cams which offer a look
at marine life in the aquarium's exhibits.  You can watch
penguins, otters, sharks and more.

Natural Resources
A Study of the Earth - Everything Comes From Our Natural
Resources. A 50-page booklet of lessons and activities,
designed to introduce an awareness and understanding of
our natural resources, where they come from, and how we
use them.

Everything We Have and Everything We Use Comes From Our
Natural Resources - Food, Clothing, Shelter - Where do they
come from? Slightly more for primary grade levels, contains
activities, lessons, coloring pages in a 26-page book.

Everyday Uses of Minerals - Our Dig A Little Deeper Series.
Our best packet, with ready-to-run lessons, 65 pages in all.
What's in a pencil? How many minerals and metals does it
take to make a light bulb? Minerals in nutrition, toothpaste,
paper, and more.

Creating a Universe - How we use the elements for life and
for living. Based on a special periodic table of elements, this
packet provides 4 pages of Idea Starters to help students
learn about the elements that make our world, and a 12-page
activity supplement with an easy-to-use mineral identification
guide, activities, and facts about Minerals and You.

Natural Resources We Use - Food, Fiber, Fuel and Minerals,
Where Do They Come From. Emphasizing the natural resources
produced in North America with the major mineral, energy,
agricultural, and forestry production locations and facts.

Individual Lessons and Activities
10 One-Page Activity Sheets and 34 Individual Lessons

National Postal Museum -
Grades K - 12
Letters From Home: An Exhibit-Building Project for the Advanced ESL Classroom
Grades 8 - Adult

Postal Pack for Elementary School Students
Grades K - 6

Pen Friends Across the Nation: An Intergenerational Letter Writing Project
Grades 6 - 9

We Were There: Letters From the Battle Front
Grades 7 - 12

Northern Illinois University
This site offers free online math placement tests.

This page has several free notebooking templates on tons of different subjects.

Notebooking Nook
This site has a wide variety of notebooking pages.

Notebooking Pages
This is another great site for free notebooking pages and idea's.

The Print Zone
Print your own calendars, activity pages, awards, coloring pages,
stationary, greeting cards, bookmarks, place cards, and gift tags.

Rain Forest Alliance
Explore the Rain Forest Alliance learning site, filled with free
curricula containing presentations, stories and lesson plans
that follow national standards for learning.  Here, teachers
will find everything they need to connect their students to

Ready Kids
This site is filled with information and resources designed to
help teachers and parents teach children emergency preparedness. 
The website includes a free, standards-based curriculum developed by
Scholastic that will help children learn about emergencies
such as severe weather and how to get their family prepared. 
You will be taken through a 4 plan, #1 create a kit, #2 make a
plan, #3 know the facts, #4 graduate.

Resources for Christian Teacher
Lots of resources for puppets, plays, coloring pages and more.
Christian themed items.  The purpose of this web site is to
provide: Free educational resources for teachers in Christian,
public, private, and home schools. Other resources for Christian
children's ministry such as Bible coloring pages, crafts, puppets,
scripts, puzzles and games.

RHL School
Great work sheets. They provide an enormous supply of free
worksheets for teachers and parents to copy for their kids.
These materials are valuable for teaching, reinforcement, and
review. Math, reading, English research

Scholastic - Create Your Own Flashcards
Type in the information you need to study and print out the cards.

The School Express
The School Express offers free units on a variety of subjects
some of which change weekly so there is always something
new.  Grades 1-8.

Science and Our Food Supply
Investigating Food Safety From Farm to Table. A free curriculum
kit for your Middle Level or your High School Classroom! This
exciting new curriculum, sponsored jointly by the National
Science Teachers Association and the Food and Drug
Administration, comes complete with separate guides for
middle level and high school science teachers, and includes
an interactive video, "Dr. X and the Quest for Food Safety"
and the comprehensive "Food Safety A to Z Reference Guide."

Sky Maps
Offers free sky maps every month.

Solar System
Solar system pictures, cutouts and fun facts.

Sudoku Puzzles
Make and print Sudoku puzzles.

Teach Kits
This site provides free downloadable teach kits based on
movies and TV shows.  These worksheets are very colorful
fun for kids.

Teacher Resources
Here it is! A treasure chest of free lessons, activities,
calendars, brain teasers, teaching tips, daily quotes,
and much more! Our free teacher resources are updated
frequently, so check back soon for new freebies!

Texas Education Agency
Curriculum Resources in:
  Business Education
  Fine Arts
  Language Arts
  Physical Education/Health
  Social Studies
  Technology Applications

Unit Studies / Lesson Plans
6000+FREE printables, Holidays, Classroom Signs, Word Walls,
Portfolios, Theme units, Seasonal Units, Basics, Shape books,
and Teaching Extras! Great for teachers and homeschoolers.
JOIN the popular membership section with NEW WEB TOOLS
and 20,000+ pages.  Really nice site can create an entire unit
study with a number of activities per theme.

U.S. Census Bureau
Get facts about every state.  With the interactive map you can find out
how many 12 year olds live in your state or the number of fast
food restaurants there are.

Using English
FREE teacher resources for all levels including hundreds of
printable ESL handouts, PDF lesson plans, online quizzes,
jobs, education news and other teaching resources. Also
provides access to questions from students and teaching
forum topics. Worksheets & answer sheets.

World Book
World Book offers the results of ongoing research into
curriculum requirements and standards. The learning
levels include preschool through grade 12. Naturally,
there are regional and local variations that cannot be
accounted for in every detail. But the typical course of
study reflects general curriculum requirements across
North America. The information is categorized by grade
level and general skill type or discipline.

Worksheets for Whole Number Arithmetic
Worksheets for whole number operations that parents of
elementary school-aged children can print and recopy. An
answer sheet accompanies each worksheet. You can also
generate your own worksheets.


Lessons/Curriculum/Crafts         Software/Clipart        Online Games         Everything Else       Catalogs        Posters/Videos/Kits






                        Free Online Games




Lemonade Larry
The classic summer kid biz takes a high tech twist at this
site! Your budding entrepreneurs are quizzed on basic
multiplication facts as they determine what to charge their
virtual customers.

Math Baseball
Young stars can go to bat at this simple. Multilevel site
inspired by our national pastime. Children can choose
between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division,
and play ball.

Monster Beach party
The “monsters” kindergarteners can build out of simple
geometric shapes are ready for summer fun at the beach!
Don’t forget to check out the other learning games on the
Sesame Street Site.

O Canada
Although you might usually associate our neighbor to the
north with winter, this is a great time to learn more about
that country’s heritage. This site gives gumshoes the chance
to solve mysteries while learning about Canada’s railroad system.

Seashell Rounding
Mathematicians can practice rounding and estimating with
this simple seashell themed game from children’s author
Jan Brett.

Spell ‘n’ Surf
Surf’s up at this fun site, whose online game Fearless Frieda:
The Big Kahuna challenges primary kids to spell sight words in
order to catch the next big wave.

Sun Safety Quiz
Kids can get Sun-Certified and printout a colorful diploma after
completing the online quiz at this site. Have students click on
“Kids” to access the quiz, which covers everything from SPF to
cloudy days.

Watermelon Wisdom
Who knew there was so much learning in this red, juicy treat?
Carve into a watermelon science quiz or soak in melon math
facts before tackling the word puzzle and coloring pages.


Lessons/Curriculum/Crafts         Software/Clipart        Online Games         Everything Else       Catalogs        Posters/Videos/Kits





                    Software / Clipart




Before You Know It

Free Before You Know It bundle includes a full working
copy of Before You Know It Lite plus a collection of lists
for your chosen language.  It's free and you can use it
forever, with no time or session limits.

Homeschool Tracker
The Homeschool Tracker is a homeschool planning,
record keeping and reporting software program for your
Microsoft Windows computer. Whether or not your state
or school district has strict reporting requirements, with
Tracker's powerful and easy to use planning and scheduling
features you will want to use the Tracker, not only for your
mandatory recording and reporting tasks, but every day for
planning and recording of assignments, chores, goals,
schedules, events, reading lists, attendance, grades/scores
and more. Read success stories and praise for Tracker written
by some of our users.  The Basic Edition is offered for free
download (no strings attached, and no expiration date).

School Clip Art
Free school clip art for teachers and students
Lots of downloadable clip art.

Sheppard Software

Free software for teachers and homeschoolers including
geography, math, states, algebra, presidents and more.

Teacher Clipart
Month signs, dividers, seasons, time, headlines,
school subjects, themes and much more.


Teachers Pet
Free Software For Teachers! With this free teacher software
and Resource Search Tool (right) you can make stimulating
classroom exercises in minutes. Developed by a teacher,
the software requires no installation and can create the
following... Flashcards, Multi-choice exercises, word jumble,
sentence jumble, pronunciation and punctuation exercises,
dictionary and thesaurus search, Gap-Fill exercises and
much more.


Lessons/Curriculum/Crafts         Software/Clipart        Online Games         Everything Else       Catalogs        Posters/Videos/Kits





                       Posters / DVD's / Kits




ABC Teach
This is a great site filled with lesson plans, bookmarks,
flash cards, memory books. Lots of fun stuff.

American Kennel club
Educational kits.

American Memory
This is a great site. Here you can view and read
various documents including the Declaration of
Independence, the Constitution among many others.
The site also including lesson plans and activities
sorted by theme and subject. There are some really
interesting activities for kids.

The American Plastics Council
The American Plastics Council has created a kit
containing samples of a variety of recycled plastic
resins and products that will supplement the
information found on this site, and assist you in
presenting the materials to your students. Our new
kit is now available. Teachers Get A Free Safety Poster
 For Your kids. Plus A Hands on Plastics Kit And More !

Autumn’s Free Activity Page for Kids
Printable work sheets.

Celebrity Reading Posters
Brighten up your room with posters of celebs “caught in
the act” including Derek Jeter and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Free Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Kit For
Kindergarten Teachers

Collaborative Lesson Archive
The Collaborative Lesson Archive (CLA) is intended to be
a forum for the creation, distribution, and archival of
education curricula for all grade levels and subject areas.
The CLA is truly a World Wide Web project. The quantity
and quality of the content is entirely dependent on the
internet community. We provide the framework and the
storage area, the rest is up to you.

This is a fun site in which you can color different pictures online.

Common Cents - State Farm
Free "Common Cents" Education Kits From State Farm Insurance.

Crafts and Hobbies
This site offers free online lessons in various crafts such as
crocheting, toy making, origami, calligraphy, and much more.

Dole Classroom Resources
Everything you need to get your students excited about
eating fruits and vegetables is presented here.

Dream Poster
Get students thinking about dreams with Zombies, Underwear
and Monkey Kung-Fu, a free poster explains REM sleep and
the meaning of several common dreams and encourages kids
to write about their own sleep adventures.

Earth Observing System
Explore the facets of the Earth Observing System (EOS)
project with these informative, eye-catching posters. Each
poster takes a specific topic ranging from ice sheets to
volcanoes and explains what NASA scientists are doing to
understand that topic. Colorful and instructional satellite
images, graphs, and pictures complement the fact-filled
information making the posters ideal for the classroom.
Each poster is 24 inches in width by 36 inches in height
with information on the front in color and information on
the back in black and white. These are really great posters.

Education Place
Class activities sorted by theme and grade level. There are
hundreds of original activities and lessons.

Education World
This site is filled with a large collection of lesson plans
submitted by teachers.

The El Niño Poster
The rise and fall of the '97 - '98 El Niño with information and
classroom activities.

Family Education
Grades K-12
Divided by grade levels and subjects, reading, math, social
studies and science. Downloadable worksheets, school issues,
entertainment and life. As well as many links.

Federal Reserve
This 13-minute video covers the Fed's history from its
creation in 1914 to the technological innovations of 21st
century banking. It explores the structure of the Fed as
well as monetary policy, banking supervision, financial
services, and more.

You can order these items FREE from FEMA:
Activity Book: Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety - Ask for: 9-1548
Brochure: Family Disaster Supply Kit
Coloring Book: Disaster Preparedness - Ask for: 8-1123
Door Knob Hanger: Fire Safety. Ask for 5-0200
Book: Adventures of Julia and Robbie - Ask for FEMA 344
You can get posters, videos and other fun things for free
if you are a Disaster Action Kid. Here is the information on
the freebies and how to order them! Read the ordering
information carefully. The items cannot be ordered on-line.

Fema - Fire Safety
This teachers' activity book and the accompanying cassette
of songs and stories helps educators reach preschoolers
with simple, memorable fire safety messages. The kit also
includes for each classroom one reproducible coloring book
and one wall poster.

Free Posters for Science Teachers
(posters include lesson ideas)
Downloadable posters.

Free Worksheets
This site has over 8,600 worksheets on every possible
subject. Some have answer keys. There is something for
everyone here.

A teacher’s CD-Rom notebook, videotape, CD, and
various activities, pamphlets, pictures and other
resources regarding fusion energy research are
available through the mail. This is a really nice packet.

This is a really nice site. You can build a custom curriculum
based on your child’s grade and state. After answering a
couple of questions you will be given a checklist of the
essential learning objectives for your state. You can keep
records of your child’s accomplishments on the site.

Homeschool Arts
HomeSchoolArts.com is a free visual arts lesson site
dedicated to teaching the visual arts to all who would
be interested. To help the parents of the home schooled,
distance learned, and to teach the arts with our support
to adults that want to begin a new hobby or expression
in the visual arts.

Human Genome Poster
Order an educational wall poster of all 24 human chromosomes
and selected genes that have been mapped to each.
Online version of the poster also is available.


Kiddy House
This site has many unit studies, lesson plans, worksheets,
crafts and more.

Kids Planet Protector Club Kit.
Your Planet Protectors Club kit includes:
An official membership certificate
An official Planet Protectors Club badge
Activity booklets for grades K-3 and 4-5
Great adventures on the Web

Kids’ Space
The site lets kids submit their creative work. They can also
see the work of kids from other countries. You can also listen
to kids original musical arrangement from around the world.
This is a fun site. I really enjoyed it.

Kinder Art
This site contains art lessons in architecture, art books,
bulletin boards, folk art, painting, printmaking, textiles
and much more.

Leafy Greens
Teachers who plan to incorporate the Leafy Greens Lesson
Plans into their classroom studies can receive free materials
such as book covers, trading cards, brochures and posters,
(while supplies last). To get trading cards and/or cartoon
figures for coloring immediately, please access links from
the lesson plans site. You may contact us for posters, book
covers and brochures while supplies last.

Letter of the Week
This is a curriculum program that uses the letters of the
alphabet format.

Lesson Plans Page
Over 2,500 lesson plans. There is tons of lessons on this
site. They also have a discussion board and weekly science

Free Earth/Mars Comparison Posterdownload.com

NASA for Kids
Everything you ever wanted to know about space.

Nuttin but Kids
Cute site for younger children. Site includes printables,
games, recipes, theme lessons, coloring pages, bulletin
board decorations.

Once Upon a Tide
On this DVD Academy Award winner Linda Hunt, tells a story about the
importance of the ocean.

Oceans (NASA)
Downloadable posters.

Online Class Projects
List of class projects. Short list but interesting projects ideas.

Perpetual Preschool

About 100 subjects including art, themed activities, and links.


A Resource Kit for High School Science Teachers.

Reading Poster
Download - reading posters - motivate reading

The Rise and Fall of the '97 - '98 El Nino. Free poster
A collection of hundreds of teaching ideas, which can
be used in the primary classroom. Also includes
worksheets, which can be printed and photocopied.

Lots of lesson plans and reproducible.

Space & the Solar System for K-4 - posters & lessons
Downloadable posters.
Educational Poster on Water Pollution. This 17" x 11"
poster explains where our drinking water comes from,
potential threats to the safety of our water, and what i
s being done to protect it. pp. (2002. EPA) 546M. Free.

SPACETIME Poster The History, The Basics, The Tests
The History, The Basics, The Tests. These posters are a
free product to educators and students.

Superfund Free Kids Posters

U.S. Fire Administration
USFA provides information resources in many formats,
including books, videotapes and kits, free of charge.
Customers can use our online catalog to order from
over 400 publications and other information products.

Cute downloadable posters.

Water Education Posters
Water-resources topics of all completed posters are
drawn in a cartoon format by the same cartoonist.
Posters are available in color or black and white.
The reverse sides of the color posters contain
educational activities: one version for children in
grades 3-5 and the other with activities for children
in grades 6-8. The black-and-white posters are intended
for coloring by children in grades K-5.

Water Resources
They have a 1-800 number listed for you to order the
posters you want.  Water-resources topics of all completed
posters are drawn in a cartoon format by the same cartoonist.
Posters are available in color or black and white. The
reverse sides of the color posters contain educational
activities: one version for children in grades 3-5 and the
other with activities for children in grades 6-8. The
black-and-white posters are intended for coloring by
children in grades K-5.

Women Are Scientists
Free "Women Are Scientists" Video - U.S. Only
Just fill out a simple form for this one.


Lessons/Curriculum/Crafts         Software/Clipart        Online Games         Everything Else       Catalogs        Posters/Videos/Kits





                     Everything Else





A to Z Home’s Cool
This site has a link for each state as well as other countries.
Each page has legal information, support groups, activities and
resources. This is a very good site with lots of information.

Ask a Scientist
Got a scinece question you can't find the answer to? Now
you can ask a scientist.  Submit your questions here.

Alphabet Chart
This is a colorful downloadable chart.

Africa Live WebCam -
This webcam is pointed at a popular watering hole in Africa. 
The sun rises over there at about 9pm pacific time here.  You can
many different animals and birds. 

All Experts
Ask experts in a large number of areas any question you may
have. The site is staffed by volunteers willing to share their
expertise for free.

The American Promise
Since The American Promise debuted several years ago on public
television, the series, along with its accompanying lesson plans,
has helped tens of thousands of dedicated educators like you
open the doors to understanding democracy for millions of students.
The plans are great for teaching students how our country works.
Materials include a video or DVD and lesson plans.

Animal Times
Free subscription to animal times.  Other free materials are
also offered on this site.

Display your students' artwork online.
Scan or take digital photos of artwork and upload it to the
Artsonia website for display. We'll help you create online art
project galleries for your entire school!
Family & friends visit the artwork online.
Parents, relatives and friends can view the artwork online,
send positive comments to the artist, join the artist's "Fan Club",
 even order gifts with the artwork imprinted on them (coffee
mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, and more!)
Receive $$$ for your Arts Program.  Artsonia will donate 15% of
the revenue from the sale of art keepsakes back to your school.
(U.S. schools only)

Awesome Library
Lesson plans by grade or subject. There is a lot of information
and links on this site. There is a lot of good lesson ideas.

Book Binding - Do it Yourself
Directions on how to bind a book at home.

Book Markers
Choose from a number of different book markers to print.

Book Markers
Happy to send you a bookmark for each student in your class.

Book-It Program - Pizza Hut
It’s that time of year again! Time for schools to sign up to
receive the FREE teacher materials for the 2005-06 BOOK IT!
Program. Enroll now and Build Reading Mania at your school!
FREE Pizza When a child meets a monthly reading goal, the
teacher gives him or her a Pizza Award Certificate. The child
brings the certificate to a Pizza Hut restaurant where he or
she is given a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza.

Pizza Hut is proud of all BOOK IT! Readers! The restaurant
manager and team congratulate every child for meeting the
monthly reading goal.

On the first BOOK IT! visit to Pizza Hut, the child is presented
with at BOOK IT! card and sticker to recognize the reading
achievement. On each subsequent visit, the child is rewarded
with another sticker. If a child meets the reading goal in all
six months of the program, he or she receives a BOOK IT!
All-Star Reader Medallion from Pizza Hut.

This website contains the entire contents of the Encyclopedia

Bulletin Board Ideas -
This site has lots of good idea’s for creating interesting and fun bulletin boards.

Chore Chart
A colorful printable chore chart.

Cloth Dolls
Free patterns for making cloth dolls.

Common Sense Media Reviews
Gives detail reviews of movies at theaters and on rentals,
TV, games, books, music.

Display Idea’s
Really fun idea’s for display area’s.

DLTK’s Custom Printing
Create your own coupons, doorknob hangers, gift tags,
bookmarks, calendars, chore charts, awards, treat bags,
writing paper and more.

Energy / Safety
Choose one of the following:
* Fun & Safety Pack: Grades K-3
* Energy Awareness K-3 Pack: Grades K-3
* Energy Awareness 4-6 Pack: Grades 4-6
* Fundamentals & Safety Pack: Grades 4-6
* Fueling the Future Pack: Grades 6-12
* Gilmore's Gas Pack: Grades 4-9
* Technology & Science Pack: Grades 8-1

Family Education
This is a very nice site that offers expert advise, a question
and answer section as well as age specific information. It is
not specifically for homeschoolers but still has very useful

Flip Books
This site takes your step by step through making a flip book.
Fun site.

Free Idea Book
Free Idea Book for Educators is the biannual teacher's magazine
created by the Education Department at A&E Television Networks.

On this website you list items you are looking for as well as
items you are offering all for free.  If you have something
sitting around you don't want anymore but its too good to
just throw away you can offer it for free to people in your
area and look at what people in your neighborhood are looking
to give away.  Everything on this site is free.  There is no mailing
everything must be picked up. 

Federal Reserve Bank
They have 12 different comics about money listed. You can
order a maximum of 35 of each.

Free Art and Music
Tired of reusing the same old clip art and MIDI songs for your
multimedia projects?  This handy links page can help you
find royalty-free music and images that will make your
multimedia projects really sing.

2 Free Books For Teachers:
"Fossils, Rocks And Time" and "Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction"
Just write to them & make your request.

Homes of Our Own
Thank you for ordering your FREE copy of Building Homes
of Our Own, the interactive education simulation that
helps introduce technology into the classroom and provides
educators with a new way to teach core subjects! Delivery
usually takes about two weeks.


Homeschool E-store
The is a online store but offer a free ebook every week. 
You just have to register with them which is free.

Homeschool Forms
Great site for home schooling forms including planners, charts, logs,
Bible, language arts, science, math, social studies, music, games,
coloring, games.

Immigrates at Ellis Island
Students get to travel back in time to 1916. From Ellis Island they
create a virtual identity and embark on a new life in New York.
They will have to make choices about money, food and fun.
This video-intensive game is as absorbing as it is informative.

Internet FAQ Archives
This site has an extensive collection of frequently asked
questions on every imaginable topic.

Iron Science Teacher
In this scientific twist on Iron Chef, the popular TV cooking
competition, teachers have 10 minutes to concoct a classroom
science activity around a secret ingredient - anything from
a plastic bag to hair gel.

Journey North
Free online program K-12, that explores seasonal changes by
tracking migration patterns of birds, butterflies and mammals.


Just Choices
The goal of the Just Choices program is to encourage students
to explore new ideas and reevaluate old ones while developing
a strong understanding and appreciation of historical and
contemporary social justice movements. Through this program,
students will learn how their everyday choices affect others in
society and will be inspired to take on issues with passionate
civic engagement.

The free program consists of the following:
* Four-page teachers' guide
* Four reproducible student-activity masters
* One Just Choices video
* One Just Choices wall poster
* One teacher-response card

K-3 Downloadables
This site has a lot of fun printable's including a board game,
multiplication chart, book concepts, math sheets, and activity

Keyboard cover
Free Protective Keyboard Cover for teachers.

Kim’s Korners -
Idea’s for fun bulletin boards.

Kinetic City
For grades 3-5.  Online collection of science experiments, games,
activities and challenges.

Lakeshore Learning Materials Awards Maker
They offer a only few certificate choices but very easy to use.
Prints with your information on it.

Learning Laffs
In addition to providing daily cartoons for teachers, Learning
Laffs offers many classroom setting cartoons with blank speech
bubbles. Your students can try their hand at writing punch lines.

Live Africa cam
Webcam facing a watering hole on a game reserve in Africa. 

Live Eagle Cam
This live web cam lets you watch baby eagles being born and
cared for by their mother.  This is a live cam over a bald eagles
nest.  Very interesting.

Maps of the world, countries and even the ocean’s floors.

Maps - Outlined - Blank
This site has tons of outline maps of states, countries and regions.
Some with markings showing capitals and major cites. These maps
allow students to fill in the information.

This site has everything you could ever want about space.
They have a sections for educators and students with lesson plans,
activities and resources.

National Geographics
Xpeditions is home to the U.S. Nationa Geography Standards,
and thousands of ideas, tools and interactive adventures that
bring them to life.

National Postal Museum
Free downloads, four packets to choose from.
*  Letters From Home: An Exhibit-Building Project for the
    Advanced ESL Classroom
   Grades 8 - Adult
* Postal Pack for Elementary School Students
   Grades K - 6
* Pen Friends Across the Nation: An Intergenerational
    Letter Writing Project
   Grades 6 - 9
*  We Were There: Letters From the Battle Front
    Grades 7 - 12


National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
Email: nssga@westglen.com
Free educational materials. Now every classroom in America
can understand how our home in the universe is built on stone.
Free video and fact sheet, help your students learn how stone,
sand & gravel are a part of our everyday lives in more ways
than you would ever imagine. For free kit email your name,
school name, address and number of students.

National Arbor Day Foundation
Free educational brochures.

Northern Illinois University

This site offers free online math placement tests.

Instructions on how to make Origami animals.

Responsibility Project
A collection of short films to watch and discuss that help
students do the right thing. 

Saxon Math
This site offers placement tests online as well as a number
valuable resources.

School Supplies
Free Classroom Supplies for Teachers.

Scholastic Pop-Up Books
Directions for making a pop-up book.

SOS Math: Tables and Formulas
This site has all the information you ever wanted to know
about prime numbers, fractions, conversions, derivatives
and logarithms. As well as some really advance stuff that
is way beyond my understanding.

Teachers around the world use Starfall as an inexpensive way
to make the classroom more fun and inspire a love of reading
and writing.  Primarily designed for pre-K through 2nd grade.

Student Online Publishing
Works created by kids and some places to publish your stories,
poems, music, photos, and art work.

Text Book Covers
This is an email request or 1-800# request.
"Our text book covers and folders are personalized for each
individual school. We print them in the school colors along
with the school's logo or school's picture on the front of the
text book cover and folder. These text book covers and folders
promote school spirit and pride in the community."

Time For Kids Magazine
Request Free Sample Issue. BONUS! Get 2 free gifts.

Tramline Trips
Come exploring with us and learn about Rainforest, Endangered
Species, Salt Marshes, Volcanoes, Shakespeare, Presidents,
Pi and more! Perfect for classroom use, we provide teachers
objectives and resources for each trip.

Information and tips about children’s cold and allergy needs.
Free Triaminic House Call Kit, filled with useful coupons, a
home health guide CD-ROM and a limited-edition storybook
featuring the supper health hero, the Cold Catcher.

Wildflower Reference Guide and Seed Catalog
You can order this reference guide and seed catalog free.

Writing Research Papers
Step by step instructions to writing a research paper.

Your Congress
These do come and aren’t only for teachers.
* Free map of your state
* Free Pocket Constitution
* Autographed picture
* List of what you've done in Congress this year
* A copy of "How Our Laws Are Made"

Yucky Science
Find out why we burp, snore, what snot is and about many more other
yucky things.  This site is gross but really fun.


Lessons/Curriculum/Crafts         Software/Clipart        Online Games         Everything Else       Catalogs        Posters/Videos/Kits









Bale Company
Achievement awards for all occasions.

Book Planet
Reading books for ages 6-12

Classroom decorations, D.J. inkers, books,
hands-on learning, Spanish products, Four-Blocks
essentials and classroom management.

Covenant Home Curriculum
Complete curriculum sets by grade as well as subject packets.

Creative Teaching Press
Full line of curriculum and classroom items.

For Teachers Only
Pens, pencils, teachers items and games.

Franks Schaffer
Frank Schaffer publications has more than 4,000
education products many of which are correlated to
state standards and benchmarks. Their catalog features
products in math, language arts, early learning, social
studies, science and teacher resources.

Friendship House
Educational games, classroom decorations, reproducible,
curriculum books, teachers helpers, multimedia, and awards.

Gryphon House
Early childhood teacher resources including activity books,
art, math, science, language, circle time, school age,
teaching strategies, conflict resolution, bilingual, books.

Harding House Publishers, Inc.
Carbonless forms to document teacher/parents messages.
A range of innovative teaching aids. Free catalog and samples.

Hayes School Publishing
Educational products.

The Home School
Homeschooling advice, books and curriculum.

Jossey-Bass Teacher Resources Catalog K-12
Teachers books on reading, writing, language arts, math,
science, special needs, guidance & counseling and much more.

Lamp Post Homeschool Store
Thousands of Homeschool products, curriculum.

Learning Resources
Award winning educational materials in language, math, early
learning and science.  You can also download sample pages
from the publications.

Nasco Math
Discover Nasco’s math catalog for hands-on manipulative and
real life problem solving projects. Nasco is committed to offering
quality products at competitive prices.

Paper Direct
Designed paper. Easy to make eye catching pieces for school.
Over 130 designs of paper for brochures, fliers, certificates,
tear-off tickets, invitations and much more.

Pearson Learning Group
Nice catalog of curriculum books including Plaid Phonics and
Modern Curriculum Press.

Rainbow Resource Center Inc.
This is a very enormous catalog of curriculum books and
teacher resources.

Really Good Stuff For K-6 Reading
Find new and innovative literacy materials for phonics,
phonemics awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar
and writing. Instructional materials such as magnetic letters
and lapboards, reader sets, word walls, highlighter tape and
EZC reader guides and much, much more.

School Specialty Publishing
Fun educational products for the home. Grades PreK-8

Smile Makers
Lots of fun educational products for the classroom and
students including pencils, math charts, banners, signs,
party items, bulletin board decorations, awards, stickers
and much, much more.

Teaching & Learning Company
Four Square writing, language arts, teacher resources,
social studies, science curriculum.

Teaching Ink
Looking for fresh teaching materials? We’ve got what your
looking for. Free catalog and idea packed newsletter.

Teacher Created Materials Publishing
Decorative items, math kits, reading, language, writing and
teacher resources.

Timberdoodle Company
Educational products and books.

Walch Publishing
Curriculum books including language arts, math, social
studies, science, special education, art and music.

Watch Know
This is a great site!  It contains video clips on various
topics, for example World War II news reel clips. There
are videos on tons of topics.

Wholesale Direct
Discounted arts and craft items.



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